Culbeans Shrums a Healthy Immune Support Formula
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Culbeans Shrums

These are not the kind of "Shrooms" you might be thinking of.
Imagine having 6 powerful organic medicinal mushroom extracts all in one capsule! Now you can! Culbeans Shrums are Made in the USA and 100% Certified Organic! Each mushroom has its own known benefits for the body so when you combine them together they work synergistically at the cellular level.

Do your research on each to see what Scientist and Doctors say about these amazing mushrooms.

But, we take it a step further. We have added extra Cordyceps for energy. Now, you have the perfect blend and it's only available through Culbeans!

Retail is: $45.00 and Member Price is: $35.00

Proprietary blend of:

Organic Cordyceps sinensis

Organic Maitake

Organic Shiitake

Organic Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi)

Organic Trametes (Turkey Tail)

Organic Agaricus blazei (Royal Sun)

As the exclusive formulator for the incredible culbeans coffee, I am very excited to now have available my powerful immune system formula that we have in the coffee, now in a capsule.
By helping my patients over the past 19 years and working with hundreds of different herbal formulations I have found that the specific combination of these six medicinal mushrooms is one of the best things you can do for your body. The main reason you feel so good drinking the culbeans coffee is not just because we use the best premium Arabica coffee and a proprietary extraction process, but because of the addition of the 6 most powerful medicinal mushrooms in the world.

Our secret is in the formulation process and the quality of the raw ingredients that we use. The cells of your body need the right ratio of micro nutrients which can unlock the healing power of your cells releasing energy allowing them to detoxify resulting in a strong immune system. When the cells have the right nutrients and are able to function at their peak you can feel the difference in your body. There is nothing that can compare to Shrums because even if a similar formulation is consumed, it will have little to no effect to help the cells if the source of the mushrooms and the specific genetic strain of each mushroom have not been proven to be effective.

Nearly all of the imported medicinal mushrooms grown around the world and especially from China are tested and typically show traces of toxic heavy metals because of the soil and environment where they are grown. Even on a mountain top the air can travel there from highly populated cities carrying toxic chemicals and heavy metals from industry which end up in the plants. This is why we use a controlled environment where we have created a perfectly pure sterile organic process to cultivate our USDA certified organic medicinal mushrooms in the USA where the air, water and growing media are all 100% chemical and heavy metal free through a scientific filtering process. The specific strain of each mushroom variety that we have tested over the past several years to be the most powerful is then cloned and grown to maturity. This results in a consistently effective level and diversity of antioxidant micronutrients available to your cells within each capsule of Shrums.

Taking Shrums is taking your health to another level above drinking our incredible coffee, and you will feel the difference as your cells are revived with some of the most effective micronutrients on the planet. It has taken me years to develop this formula and I am certain it is the best formulation to reach maximum performance, energy and a strong immune system.

To your health,

Dr. Bartell

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