About Culbeans and Our Story, Our Process, Our Formulation
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About Culbeans and Our Story and Process and Formulation

Our Story

At the end of 2004, Carrie's father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After losing his battle in only 3 months, this outcome immediately turned her life into a whirlwind of research to find alternatives for naturally assisting our body's immune system. She had learned about a mushroom called Reishi, its amazing history in natural medicine and how scientists and doctors praised its health benefits for the body. Through 12+ years of working with the concept of this mushroom added to coffee, Culbeans was born.

Collectively, for many years we have worked hard to perfect healthier coffee & beverages. Through our careful sourcing process to find the best premium coffee and teas from around the world, to our certified organic mushrooms grown in a controlled environment in the USA to avoid pollutants and heavy metals, we have produced only the best products for our customers.

It's time to look at premium coffee and tea in a different way. If you had the opportunity to still enjoy your favorite beverage, but it had added health benefits that you couldn't taste and made you feel better, wouldn't you choose the best? With Culbeans, you can.

The term "drink responsibly" now has a whole new meaning. Enjoy your Culbeans coffee and tea and enjoy your life.

As the exclusive formulator for the incredible culbeans coffee, I am very excited to now have available my powerful immune system formula that we have in the coffee, now in a capsule.
By helping my patients over the past 19 years and working with hundreds of different herbal formulations I have found that the specific combination of these six medicinal mushrooms is one of the best things you can do for your body. The main reason you feel so good drinking the culbeans coffee is not just because we use the best premium Arabica coffee and a proprietary extraction process, but because of the addition of the 6 most powerful medicinal mushrooms in the world.

To your health,
Dr. Bartell

Our secret is in the formulation process and the quality of the raw ingredients that we use. The cells of your body need the right ratio of micro nutrients which can unlock the healing power of your cells releasing energy allowing them to detoxify resulting in a strong immune system. When the cells have the right nutrients and are able to function at their peak you can feel the difference in your body. There is nothing that can compare to Shrums because even if a similar formulation is consumed, it will have little to no effect to help the cells if the source of the mushrooms and the specific genetic strain of each mushroom have not been proven to be effective.

Nearly all of the imported medicinal mushrooms grown around the world and especially from China are tested and typically show traces of toxic heavy metals because of the soil and environment where they are grown. Even on a mountain top the air can travel there from highly populated cities carrying toxic chemicals and heavy metals from industry which end up in the plants. This is why we use a controlled environment where we have created a perfectly pure sterile organic process to cultivate our USDA certified organic medicinal mushrooms in the USA where the air, water and growing media are all 100% chemical and heavy metal free through a scientific filtering process. The specific strain of each mushroom variety that we have tested over the past several years to be the most powerful is then cloned and grown to maturity. This results in a consistently effective level and diversity of antioxidant micronutrients available to your cells within each capsule of Shrums.

Taking Shrums is taking your health to another level above drinking our incredible coffee, and you will feel the difference as your cells are revived with some of the most effective micronutrients on the planet. It has taken me years to develop this formula and I am certain it is the best formulation to reach maximum performance, energy and a strong immune system.

Our Process

There's nothing like a warm (or iced) cup of coffee and tea to start your day. If you're like us, you enjoy your favorite beverages multiple times throughout the day. So why not give your favorite beverage some extra health benefits to help you feel even better?

Reishi, Miatake, Shiitake, Cordeceps, Turkey Tail and Agaricus Blazei are 6 mushrooms that have been known for thousands of years for their health benefits. Research has shown that they can help with anti-inflammatory, supporting the immune system, anti-aging, boosting stamina, supporting the nervous system and adrenals plus much more.

When you add these amazing mushrooms to coffee and tea, our customers have told us they do not get acid stomach, no caffeine crash or jitters and they overall feel really good. That's the amazing part, you do not taste or smell our proprietary mushroom blend in our beverages but you sure FEEL the difference.

Collectively, for many years we have worked hard to perfect healthier coffee & beverages. Through our careful sourcing process to find the best premium coffee and teas from around the world, to our certified organic mushrooms grown in a controlled environment in the USA to avoid pollutants and heavy metals, we have produced only the best products for our customers.

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Why do we make our premium coffee in a convenient powder form? While, your typical instant coffees are normally big flakes, do not dissolve well and have a burnt or bitter aftertaste, our process is special and unique. We carefully source our 100% Arabica coffee from the best regions in the world and process it similar to a French Press. We only use the heart of the bean (the 14% that contains all the flavor and aroma) to give you a fresh, rich and gourmet taste.

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Our premium powdered coffee blends perfectly with our organic mushrooms and we offer in individual servings for:

  • Your Convenience

  • Less waste (you're not throwing out what's left in the pot of coffee)

  • Great for travel or on the go

  • You receive the same amount of health benefits (milligrams of mushrooms) in every cup

The trend of convenience started many years ago. We all have busy lives but we shouldn't have to sacrifice taste or quality for convenience. We feel Culbeans is the first company to offer all three. We are proud of our line of products, the stories we here from our customers and our purpose to always give you the best premium beverages available. We hope you enjoy! Here's to living!

Our Formulation

Why does our coffee taste so rich and fresh brewed and not like a typical instant coffee?

Well, we proudly roast our coffee to just before the second crack where flavor hits big and finishes smooth. Next, we grind our beans to prep for the steeping process. Much like a French Press, we load our extraction process with coffee beans and induce water that is held at exactly 190 degrees. We then press the liquid from the beans and end up with a coffee syrup that only has the Heart of the bean, that incredible 14% where all the flavors and aromas thrive. We then use our proprietary safe dry process which gives you an amazing fresh tasting gourmet experience. What makes us even more unique is we add 6 tasteless mushroom extracts known by Doctors and Scientists for their amazing health benefits.

About our Mushroom Extracts:

Herbal experts know that to have a great herbal product that works, you must start with the highest quality organic herbs and then combine these herbs properly to ensure the body is able to use all of the nutrients at the cellular level. Just like the body is made up of systems and each of these systems need to work together for the body to function properly, herbs have different properties and if combined correctly they will create a powerful synergy result.

Dr. Bartell has formulated the culbeans coffee using 100% Arabica beans and six of the world's most powerful nutrient rich organic medicinal mushrooms which are:

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"These 6 organic mushrooms are known for increasing energy, supporting the immune system, reducing pain and inflammation in the body, helping the nervous system restore balance, supplying hundreds of antioxidants that can reduce the aging process, increasing a person's core strength and endurance supporting every system in the human body" says Dr. Bartell.

He adds, "Many of these mushrooms are known for helping to "offset" the negative effects of coffee on the body as the acidity and stress to the adrenal glands and nervous system make regular coffee more of a negative to drink than the antioxidant benefits that coffee contains."

Each of these 6 organic herbs is powerful individually and Dr. Bartell has created a proprietary culbeans "healthy" formulation that contain a synergistic ratio of these organic mushroom nutrients that are made available to help the cells of your body create energy and restore balance. No other "healthy" coffee product even comes close to the culbeans level of quality that you can taste and feel.

Experience the best... experience culbeans.

*Our products are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.

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